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We provided services to small, medium and large businesses

It is important to have a healthy team to produce healthy workplaces. If it is overlooked, this can often result in costly workers’ compensation injuries, increased staff sick leave and lowers overall productivity. There are ways for your organisation to prevent this!

Manual handling training from our experienced Occupational Therapy is often the first step. This will empower your staff so they understand why manual handling is so vital particularly in workplace situations. In addition, they will learn how to put safety first and minimise potential risks and injury.

Furthermore, If your staff member is already struggling with their duties due to pain or injury, you may be considering an ergonomic workstation assessment. Our approach, recommends a comprehensive perspective. We will suggest conducting an ergonomic assessment as well as offer in some cases complimentary treatment sessions. This will provide a well-rounded approach to getting your employee back to productive work with an appropriate workstation. It will also to minimise future injury as well as resolve their current level of discomfort.

We have superior knowledge about pain management. Therefore, why not take advantage of our workplace soft tissue and manual therapy services. This help prevents sore necks, shoulders and stiff backs from becoming workers compensation claims. We will come to you and may offer generous group packages.

Overall, Functional Revival will perform:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (Workhab International Accredited Protocols)
  • Pre-employment functional screens
  • Manual handling programs and staff training
  • Ergonomic (workstation) assessments
  • Workplace Soft tissue treatments

We offer tailored solutions for your workplace and we would love to discuss your needs.