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Our Vision

Our vision is a community where people are not negatively affected by pain and engaging in meaningful activities.


Meaningful - We take your journey seriously and utilize practical pathways to engage in the areas of life that are most important to you.


Knowledge - We strive to keep up to date with current evidenced-based research


Beneficence - We hold true to doing good for the local members of our community


Autonomy - We value independence and are here to equip your self-management

Our Mission

We believe that our purpose is to make a difference by positively impacting individuals’ health journeys. This is achieved through a fundamental understanding of health conditions and promoting meaningful engagement in life. We are constantly driven by our commitment to be the best and are guided by evidence-based research. We believe in honesty, clear communication and ultimately encouraging our clients to self-manage their chronic conditions. We believe in empowering our clients to create opportunities for them to take ownership of their health and provide direction towards functional mastery. We believe every person has a significant contribution to their health outcomes. We aim for equitable access and timely service delivery. We believe in being leaders in Occupational Therapy and at the forefront of best practice interventions. We believe our values of beneficence and autonomy are so important such that we want our clients to reap the benefits of our professional diligence, strong work ethic, and expert skill set.